3-2-1 Preach!!!

Preach!!! is a fun, creative, and exciting way to sharpen your skills as a believer! This game makes you uncomfortable now, so you can be comfortable later sharing what God has placed on the inside of you. This game is not Bible Trivia as usual. This game is not about what you know , but what is on the inside of you!

About Preach!!

Preach!!! the game all started from a Sprite bottle! As I was cleaning up one day, I came across a Sprite bottle, and as I began to throw it away, I took a second glance at the slogan which said “Obey your thirst”. The first words came out of my mouth was, “I can preach that”. The first thing that came to mind, was the scripture, “Those that hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled”. Thereafter I was asked to come up with a game/icebreaker for our youth and young adult groups for church. The Holy Spirit brung that idea back to mind, then I began to look up more ideas and the rest is history! Preach!!! was born.

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